How to get old Tumblr dashboard back with a step-by-step guide?


Tumblr, a platform that has evolved over the years, underwent a significant redesign that left many users longing for the simplicity of the classic dashboard. We walk you step by step through bringing back the classic Tumblr dashboard. It’s essential to follow each step diligently to ensure the seamless integration of the classic dashboard without compromising your account’s security. In this blog, I have learned about how to get old Tumblr dashboard back.

Step 1: Backup Your Tumblr Blog

Before diving into the process of restoring the classic Tumblr dashboard, it’s essential to ensure the safety of your blog’s content. To do this, log in to your Tumblr account and navigate to the “Settings” section. Scroll down to the “Export” option to download all your blog’s data as a backup. This ensures that your content will remain intact even if something goes awry during the process.

How to get old Tumblr dashboard back

Step 2: Install a Browser Extension

To initiate the transformation, I need the assistance of the “Missing e” browser extension. Head to the Missing e website ( and follow the installation instructions tailored to your browser (commonly available for Chrome and Firefox).

As of the latest update, Missing e continues to be a reliable tool for restoring the classic Tumblr dashboard, with ongoing support for new browser versions and Tumblr updates.

Install a Browser Extension

Step 3: Enable Missing Extension Features

Once the Missing e extension is installed, return to your Tumblr dashboard. I notice a new “Missing extension” icon in your dashboard toolbar. I click on it, and a menu appears. Then I select “Enable Features” and toggle the switch for the classic dashboard. This initiates the restoration process, making the old interface again accessible.

Enable Missing Extension Features

Step 4: Customize Your Dashboard

The Missing e extension brings back the classic Tumblr dashboard and allows you to customize it according to your preferences. I do experiment with various settings, such as the layout, color schemes, and font styles until I achieve the nostalgic look I desire. Take your time to explore these customization options and make my dashboard uniquely yours.

Step 5: Explore Additional Missing e Features

Missing e provides an array of features beyond dashboard restoration. I explore these options to enhance my Tumblr experience, from improved tagging functionality to advanced customization options. I am familiar with these features to make the most out of the extension.

As of the latest information, Missing e developers actively engage with the Tumblr community, continually refining the extension based on user feedback. Stay connected with the developers through forums or social media for the latest updates.

Step 6: Stay Informed About Updates

Tumblr and its extensions continuously evolve, regularly rolling out updates and improvements. I stay informed about the latest developments by visiting the Missing extension website or checking for updates within the extension itself. I updating my extension to ensure compatibility with the latest Tumblr changes and bug fixes.

Step 7: Provide Feedback to Missing e-Developers

If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for further improvements, don’t hesitate to provide feedback to Missing’s developers. They actively engage with the Tumblr community and appreciate user input. My feedback can contribute to the ongoing refinement of the extension, benefiting not only me but also other users who share similar preferences.

Step 8: Consider Alternative Solutions

While Missing e remains a popular choice for returning the classic Tumblr dashboard, other extensions and tools may emerge. I stay open to exploring alternative solutions that align with my preferences and offer a seamless Tumblr experience. Keep an eye on user forums and communities for recommendations and reviews.

Step 9: Embrace the Hybrid Experience

In some cases, a complete restoration of the classic Tumblr dashboard may not be possible due to changes in the platform’s architecture. However, I create a hybrid experience by combining elements of the classic and modern dashboards. My experiment with different extensions and settings strikes a balance that satisfies my nostalgia while enjoying the benefits of new features.


Reclaiming the classic Tumblr dashboard is an art, a call of the spear, demanding a combination of the Missing e-extension and a willingness to explore and customize my experience. I follow these step-by-step instructions to return to the familiar interface while enjoying the latest features and updates. I stay informed, provide feedback to developers, and keep an open mind to alternative solutions. With these efforts, I create a Tumblr dashboard that seamlessly blends the best of both worlds, maintaining the essence of the classic experience in the evolving landscape of the platform.


How do I go back to my old Tumblr layout?

To revert to the old Tumblr layout:
Install Missing e Extension: Get the Missing e extension for Chrome or Firefox from the official website.
Enable Classic Dashboard: Click on the Missing e icon in your toolbar, choose “Enable Features,” and toggle the switch for the classic dashboard.
Customize: Personalize your dashboard using Missing’s customization options.

How do you get to the dashboard on Tumblr?

To access your dashboard on Tumblr:
Login: Login to your Tumblr account.
Home Icon: Click on the “Home” icon in the top-left corner to navigate to your dashboard.

How do I change my dashboard on Tumblr?

To change your Tumblr dashboard:
Install Missing extension: Get the Missing e extension.
Enable Classic Dashboard: Follow the steps to enable the classic dashboard and customize it as desired.

What happened to the old Tumblr app?

If you’re facing issues with the old Tumblr app:
Update the App: Check for updates on your device’s app store.
Consider Alternatives: Explore alternative apps that offer a similar experience.
Use Web Version: Try accessing Tumblr through your mobile browser for a familiar experience.
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