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Efraim Diveroli is the most famous American personality whose entrepreneurial [ Former arms dealer] journey is imbued with both remarkable success and profound controversy. He is the person who supplies arms all over the world. Efraim Diveroli was born and raised in an Orthodox Jewish family in Miami Beach, Florida on December 20, 1985, with a natural inclination towards business.

Diveroli rose to prominence at a young age with the founding of AEY Inc., a company specializing in international arms procurement. Although there were ups and downs in his life now Efraim Diveroli net worth is estimated to be around $25 million

Efraim Diveroli Early Life 

Efraim Diveroli is a scion of a long lineage of arms dealers, emerged as a formidable force in the international arms trade when he founded his company, AEY Inc., in his early twenties. 

 Efraim Diveroli’s father’s name is Ateret, was also an arms dealer, and his mother’s name is Michael Diveroli. Hailing from Miami, Florida, Diveroli was ingrained in the business world from birth, with both his grandfather and father deeply entrenched in the arms industry.

Dropping out of school at the precocious age of 14, Diveroli honed his skills in his uncle’s arms company. Additionally, his Iranian-born grandfather, Yoav Botach, boasted significant wealth as one of the foremost property owners in Los Angeles, adding a layer of complexity to Diveroli’s upbringing and heritage.

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Efraim Diveroli Career: The Rise of AEY Inc.

The Genesis of AEY Inc.

At the tender age of 21, Efraim Diveroli embarked on a remarkable journey with the inception of AEY Inc. Established in 2003, AEY Inc. swiftly carved a niche in international arms procurement. He makes the deal with the US government to sell out arms at an international base. Diveroli’s astute business acumen propelled the company to unprecedented heights, securing lucrative contracts and amassing substantial wealth along the way.

Post-Prison Ventures

Efraim Diveroli stated that “after release from prison, I wrote a book about my business success”  called “Once A Gun Runner.” In it, he talks about how his arms dealing business made him rich.

Movie Rights and Royalties

Efraim Diveroli‘s history was so famous in the USA, that Hollywood made the film “War Dogs” starring Jonah Hill as Diveroli. He demands the rights to his life story causing to increase in Efraim Diveroli net worth.  

Current Business Ventures

Efraim Diveroli diversified his entrepreneurial endeavors, venturing into diverse sectors ranging from real estate to technology. He recently runs a social media company, that aims to reveal the story of people who have been incarcerated. That is also the source of his wealth.

Efraim Diveroli Controversial Deal and Legal Consequences

The zenith of Efraim Diveroli’s career was marred by a controversial deal that sparked legal ramifications of colossal proportions. Amidst allegations of fraud and misrepresentation, AEY Inc. found itself embroiled in a legal quagmire reverberating across international borders. The fallout from this debacle cast a shadow over Diveroli’s professional endeavors, tarnishing his reputation and triggering a cascade of legal repercussions.

Efraim Diveroli Net Worth and His Source of Income

Real Estate Investments

Beyond the realm of arms procurement and legal battles, Efraim Diveroli’s financial portfolio encompasses a diverse array of investments, notably in the realm of real estate. Leveraging his entrepreneurial understanding, he has strategically allocated resources towards lucrative real estate ventures, reaping substantial returns on investment.

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Legal Troubles and Financial Impact

However, the specter of legal troubles looms large over Efraim Diveroli’s financial landscape, with legal expenses and settlements exerting a significant toll on his net worth. Even as the financial setbacks incurred as a consequence of legal battles, Diveroli remains undeterred in his pursuit of entrepreneurial success.

Efraim Diveroli Age, Height, and Weight

Efraim Diveroli is 39 years old, and he was born on 20 December 1985 in Miami. His height is 5.9 feet and his weight is 80 kg.


Efraim Diveroli is a prominent personality in the American business landscape, rose to fame as an international arms dealer and founder of AEY Inc. Born into an Orthodox Jewish family in Miami Beach, Florida, in 1985, Diveroli showed early signs of entrepreneurial prowess. Despite dropping out of school at 14, he honed his skills in his family’s arms business, leveraging his expertise to establish AEY Inc. at just 21. 

While his career had its share of ups and downs, Efraim Diveroli net worth now stands at approximately $25 million. His story gained further attention with the release of his memoir, “Once A Gun Runner,” detailing his arms dealing success. The Hollywood film “War Dogs,” based on his life, boosted his net worth through movie rights and royalties.

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How much money did Efraim Diveroli make?

Efraim Diveroli’s exact earnings vary, but his net worth is estimated to be around $25 million.

Is Efraim Diveroli still an arms dealer?

No, Efraim Diveroli is no longer actively involved in arms dealing.

What is Efraim Diveroli’s net worth?

Efraim Diveroli’s net worth is approximately $25 million.

What happened to the guys from War Dogs?

Following the events depicted in the movie “War Dogs,” Efraim Diveroli faced legal consequences and ventured into other business endeavors, while his former partner, David Packouz, pursued different career paths.
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